Rotrics DexArm
Multi-functional robot arm with 0.05mm repeatability.

What's your expectation on a desktop robot arm? High precision, 500g payload or easy-to-use? DexArm is more than that, it's an open-source robot arm with interchangeable modules that let users dive into the world of robotics and AI technology.

With the modular design, it can be turned into a 3D printer, laser engraver and cutter, pen plotter even an AI assistant robot.

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# One year warranty.
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Essential Accessories
Safety Enclosure
USD $139.00 USD $149.00
Computer Vision Kit
USD $67.00
Sliding Rail Kit
USD $799.00 USD $849.00
Conveyor Belt Kit
USD $419.00 USD $469.00
Create with dozens of materials
make something wonderful
Specs Summary
Huge Working Area

2D: Bigger than 210 x 297mm (8.3 x 11.7 inch)

3D: Bigger than 220x220x270 mm(8.6x8.6x14.9 inch)


Drawing, laser, 3d print. All functions covered.

Works with Mac, PC, Linux

Work with STL, OBJ, PNG, JPEG, SVG, and more.


Precise to 50 micron

Four degree of freedom

500 gram payload

Rich I/O for DIY needs

What's the warranty of Rotrics?
We will provide a one-year warranty from the day you receive the product. We will guarantee all modules and Rotrics arm. We will strive to replace or repair any defective products when used in accordance with our instructions. We require proof of pledge/purchase. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser. The consumables are not covered in the warranty.
Will there be any manuals or video tutorials?
Of course, we have provided online user manuals and video tutorials. Please check the following links for the details. online user manual: https:/, video tutorials:
What power supply unit will be shipping with Rotrics? Will it work in my country?
The power supply unit can run on 100-240V AC and can be used universally throughout the world. We will ship to different regions with the region’s corresponding power plug.
What are the programming languages Rotrics used?
Rotrics provide API for using C, C++, Python, Java, Javascript, and ROS
Which Kit is right for you?
  • Luxury Kit
    $899 USD
    $1169 USD
    Rotrics DexArm
    • Pen Holder Module
    • 3.5-inch Touchscreen
    • 2.5W Laser Module
    • 3D Printing Module
    • Soft Gripper
    • Air Picker
  • Maker Kit
    $799 USD
    $979 USD
    Rotrics DexArm
    • Pen Holder Module
    • 3.5-inch Touchscreen
    • 2.5W Laser Module
    • 3D Printing Module
  • Starter Kit
    $599 USD
    $799 USD
    Rotrics DexArm
    • Pen Holder Module

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Tough to learn but pretty cool

Had some trouble setting it up but the customer service dept has been pretty helpful



Great product !

We only tried a tiny portion of what this arm seems capable of, and it has been great. We tried some drawings and some pneumatic pick and place stuffs with the kids (8 and 9) and we know we’ve got thousands of hours of fun and tinkering to come… Quality of the hardware is awesome (to be honest, I didn’t thought it would be so clean and well finished). The box/case holding all accessories is very handy. Wonderful product, worth every penny ! Thanks from France

Rotrics DexArm

I wanted a 3D-printer for a long time, with the announcement of the Rotrics DexArm i found a affordable and multifunctional device. Not only it can 3D-print, it also can do laser-engraving and cutting, it also draws and can be a toy to pick up and sort things with the pneumatic-set.

Software is not fully complete or working 100% but Rotrics is still improving that and with every update it gets better.

When comparing the features with others

I was trying to purchase a robot for educational purposes, I was surprised by the capabilities in comparison to the others in the market, Price, Precision, and Parts that come as accessories,

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