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  • The Latest Software and Firmware for DexArm

    Thanks a lot for the feedback and help from our first 200 Kickstarter backers, our engineering team has been working hard to improve the software and firmware for the last few months. Now, we have released a new version, compared with the previous version, there will be a lot of changes. Let's check them out!
  • DexArm Demo 1 - Color Recognizing and Sorting with OpenMV 4

    In this demo blog, we will show you how to combine DexArm to an OpenMV 4 camera to recognize color blocks and sorting them into different colors. Basically, we used OpenMV 4 cam to recognize the color and get the object position and send it to DexArm via Serial port. 

  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone! We can’t thank you enough for the ongoing love and support you guys have given us in the last year. Here is a quick update...
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