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Build with DexArm
With the modular design, you can easily do drawing, laser engraving, 3d printing and picking.
What can you make with DexArm?
Turn Designs Into Products
Making Time: 30 hr
Laser Engraved Ceramic
Making Time: 30 min
Play Gomoku with Robot Arm
Making Time: 4 hr
Turn Pixels into Pen & Ink
Making Time: 20 min
DIY Gopro Tripod
Making Time: 3 hr
Personalized Notebook
Making Time: 10 min
Build a Mini Production Line
Building Time: 30 min
Color Zebra by Rotrics
Making Time: 45 min
Different Size Astronauts
Making Time: 60 hr
Laser Cutting Paper Lamp
Making Time: 90 mim
Computer Vision Sorting
Making Time: 5 hr
Deliver Arts to Your Wall
Making Time: 15 min
Christmas Gift Card
Making Time: 20 min
Line-sketch Ostrich
Making Time: 15 min
Laser Engraved Iron Man
Making Time: 10 min
Cutsomized Home Craft
Making Time: 30 min
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What makes Rotrics DexArm special?
Free all-in-one software
Rotrics Studio comes with all the functions you need to control and create with Rotrics. You can easily bring your ideas to life in just a few drags and clicks.
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