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Our team is a small tech startup based in Shenzhen and we are a strong team of passionate engineers and designers who are experienced professionals in robotics, open-source hardware, industrial design, and 3D printing. Our passion is creating products that can help our users bring their ideas to life.

In the past few years, we were working on developing the service robot, desktop robotic arm, reducer, and servo motor. We used to design servo motor for many well-known companies such as DJI, Foxconn and etc. We were also working on designing and developing the giant robot and industry servo application. We always consider designing a reducer structure that comes with high precision and easy to maintain at an affordable price. With these ideas in mind, our team started to design a desktop robot arm with the high precision reducer structure.

Month after month of development and perfection, the result was impressive: the arm features a modular end effector design that could be changed within a click; it has a better precision comparing to all other products in the market; and most importantly, the revolutionary decelerator design helps us to lower the cost.

In January 2019, we launched our first Kickstarter campaign and raised over $840K USD with support from over 1600 backers.

After 18 months of sweat hard works, we finally finished the first-trail mass production and shipped the first batch of 200 units DexArm. Four months later, we fulfilled all the crowdfunding and pre-order orders.

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